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A Solution to Get Slim-Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss becomes a topic that when starts, before getting a stoppage makes you say yourself three months from now, I will thank myself. Even you try hard and do all sorts of crazy things in those three months. And I am sure before landing here you would have tried all the things that are listed here:

  • You drank a lot of water.
  • You started drinking coffee.
  • You stopped adding sugar.
  • Started doing aerobics.
  • Even started eating more proteins.

Overall you would have beaten your food addiction and had gone on a low carb diet. And now you are completely whacked.

From my point of view getting exhausted or whacked won’t help you out. If losing weight has become your only choice instead of an option. I would better advice you to check your BMI first. If your BMI is more than 35-40 then you should consult a doctor. Apart from physical appearance, some of the medical factors that indicate you should visit your doctor soon:

  • Sleep Apnea.
  • Diabetes.
  • Gallbladder or Liver Diseases.
  • Joint Diseases.
  • Stroke.

Which Weight Loss Surgery Options best suits you?

Weight Loss Surgery or in medical terms I should say bariatric surgery in which a medical procedure is taken into action by a surgeon on a person who has obesity. If you are having type 2 diabetes and other weight-related conditions then you are the right one for bariatric surgery. Before making up your mind you should be well-known about different types of surgeries.

1.Gastric Sleeve Surgery: This surgery doesn’t include long-term complication rates of a Lap Band and hence makes a straight forward procedure. Gastric Sleeve Surgery benefits the patients in the following ways:

  • Reduces hunger.
  • Lose up to ¾ of the excess weight.
  • Improves or cures the obesity-related issues.
  • The Lap Band requires adjustments on daily basis but in gastric sleeve no adjustments are required.

Your full recovery would take around 6 weeks. But, on an average it takes around 2 years to reach your target weight.

2.Lap Band Surgery: To make the stomach smaller the lap band surgery is performed. The surgery is performed in such a way that it limits the amount of food the stomach can hold. The surgery benefits the patients in the manner:

  • No dumping syndromes.
  • Adjustments made without additional surgery.
  • Small incisions with minimal scarring.

Complication rates in Lap Band Surgery are high as compared to other types of weight loss surgery but, on the other hand it is easier to recover.

3.Gastric Bypass Surgery: This surgery has been proven to be a success for many people who had fight with extra kilos of their weight. Some of the facts that make this surgery a bear fruit for many:

  • On an average it is seen that 70% of the excess body weight gets reduced in the very first 18 months after the surgery.
  • Due to bypassed intestines, your body would absorb few calories.
  • Elimination of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

To recover soon, after the gastric bypass surgery, from taking bariataric-surgeryyour medications on time to drinking enough water, you have to take a proper rest to have a better quality of life.

4.Duodenal Switch Surgery: A blend of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery. The duodenal switch is performed after a failed bypass surgery. As to reduce the stomach size to 30% the staples are used by the surgeon. This medical procedure is more demanding than gastric bypass surgery and gastric band. Some of the advantages of this surgery:

  • Improved quality of life.
  • Highest cure rate of type 2 diabetes.

The optimal time frame for recovery after duodenal switch surgery ranges from 4-6 weeks.

5.Gastric Balloon Surgery: A surgery performed to decrease the urge of over eating. The gastric balloon surgery involves insertion of a small silicon balloon into a patient’s stomach. The balloon is filled up of silicon solution as to create a feeling of fullness. Going through this type of procedure implies a short period of your recovery phase. Some of the medical aids that you get after this surgery are:

  • Recovery from your other obesity related conditions like type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or blood pressure.
  • No need to take nutritional supplements on regular basis.

To get the ultimate results from the temporary measure that is effective in weight loss. You need to ensure that you take every piece of advice on a very serious note as to get the best outcomes.

6.Aspire Assist: A non-surgical procedure that just takes 15 minutes under the twilight anesthesia. The aspire assist gives great out turns:

  • The aspire assist can be removed any time.
  • It is an affordable medical procedure.
  • No specific foods that are restricted with the aspire assist.

After going through aspire assist, the patient can often return home within a full two hours.

7.Vbloc Therapy: In Vbloc therapy, a device is implanted under the skin but below the rib cage to trim down the hunger sensations. The device benefits you in the following ways:

  • No specific diet restrictions.
  • Cures diabetes and heart issues.

After the surgery, the pain is manageable and requires 4 to 6 days to recover and you can get back to the work after 3 to 4 days.

The Final Upshot:

When the traditional diet plans, drugs, and even jaw wiring all have been tried then also no results are there. Then, only a step should be taken for the bariatric surgery.

The surgery is basically for most morbidly obese people. Also, the permanent results that for a long term period is also been seen by the doctors. Instead of a cure, it’s a tool for the patients, eagerly trying to achieve weight loss goals from a long period of time. To live a happier and healthier life, you can get in touch with us.




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