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Top 5 Refreshment Activities for Kidney Patients

Chronic renal failure & chronic kidney failure are just other names of chronic kidney disease. Normal kidneys perform various functions:

  • To keep bones healthy, kidneys make an active form of Vitamin D.
  • Maintains an equal balance of water and minerals.
  • Produces rennin that body uses to help manage blood pressure.
  • After digestion, muscle activity removes waste from body after digestion.
  • Produces a chemical erythropoietin which evokes body to make red blood cells.

But, when a patient starts becoming a sufferer of chronic kidney renal failure, the disease usually goes undetected and undiagnosed. And, when the kidney disease is well under way, the kidney failure is fairly about to happen. So, the disease can be named as a silent killer of kidneys.

A moment of truth, if kidney failure ends in end-stage kidney disease, it would become difficult for patient to survive without artificial filtering i.e. dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Being a Chronic Kidney Disease patient, together with those on Dialysis, does not mean that having fun part has ended in your life. It’s a bitter truth you can’t enjoy those hikes, long vacations, crowded venues or any other adventure activity. But some of the easy on the pocket and fun activities can still be enjoyed in order to refresh your mind from the pain or give your mood a change. The list of refreshment activities especially for the kidney patients proceeds here:

  • Prepare for your Music and Sing along with Blood Relations

Yeah, it can be a little bit shy moment for you if you are not a person gifted with singing part. But it would be a moment full of joy and relaxation to sing along b89a75cbb11b67f96a73388d4b928fd1with your family unit.

  • Play and Make Bubbles

It’s a very neat and clean way for parents and grandparents to play with bubbles. Making bubbles doesn’t cost you a lot of energy for the good times.

  • Have a Movie Night

Watch the latest blockbuster at the local theater or just from the comfort of your home. Watching a movie can divert your mind from the incredible pain and can give you some
jiffies of entertainment.

  • Fun Meals

Try some fun meals and new dishes to give your taste buds a change of new flavors. You can check some of the recipes by clicking here.

  • Take Selfies

In the modern world of technology, our phones have now become smao-SELFIE-STICK-facebookrter. They have high quality of cameras. Taking selfies or pictures can reduce the anxiety of the patient.

For those who are not affected by the kidney diseases, and are having diabetes or high blood pressure levels, or if kidney disease is in your family’s history. Then, you should get your tests done on weekly basis to see how well your kidneys are working.



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