Organ Transplants

Who Else Wants Organ Transplant in India?

Organ transplants are basically the medical modus operandi practiced by the surgeons in which an organ is removed from one body and placed into the other body of a patient who is in need of an organ. Person needs organ transplantation when his any of the organs gets damaged or is not having a particular organ from the time of his birth. Mostly patients are in need of kidney transplants, liver transplants and heart transplants. Brain is the only organ that can’t be transplanted.

From past many years it has been seen that the patients on the waiting list are growing rapidly while the number of donors are growing slowly. Here are some of the questions related to organ donations which might help you become a next great hero for someone. As per the stats there are many people who demand for organ transplants but because of the less supply many of them gets dead. If we talk about cost of organ transplants, then again its one of the other reason. If cost of organ transplant can vary from one hospital to another, then it’s a point to take into consideration that the cost of organ transplant will definitely vary from country to country. Apart from the cost, the quality of medical treatment is at the top list.

However, India has managed to become a top destination visited by many oragn 1123of the patients from countries like Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many others.  And, here are the points how India managed to come on the top are as follows:

  1. The availability of advanced medical technologies.
  2. Growing compliance on global quality standards.
  3. Doctors trained as per the western and developed countries.
  4. The affordable cost of medical treatment.

Let’s take a look at the cost of organ transplants in different countries:

  1. In India, cost of kidney transplant is about $100,000, in USA it’s about more than 200,000 USD.
  2. Coming to the Liver Transplant cost, then in US it’s about 750,000 USD, in Germany and South Africa its 300,000 USD, in Saudi Arabic its 80,000 USD, and in India its 40,000-60,000 USD.
  3. Talking about the Heart Transplant in India, it costs something 50,000 USD, & in USA 900,000.

These were the costs of organ transplants of major of the countries where organ transplants are more in demand. And in the end if I have to conclude as per the cost, then India is the country that has become a top destination for many of the medical tourists. The quality of care is also getting improved as the days are passing and health infrastructure is also enhancing. So, if you are a patient looking for organ transplant in India, feel free to contact us. No matter where you are from, will make sure your organ transplant becomes an affordable one with our assistance.


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