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The Lazy Sleeping Poses Leads to Healthy Life

Sleep is the most pivotal part for our health, mind, body and our mood. As per the stats we spend around one-third of our live resting in bed. But, the poses in which we sleep could be the reason of our back and neck pain, stomach problems, and even getting mature to early. Eight percent of the population will have problems related to back at some point in their whole lifetime.  So, let’s discover the best sleeping positions to avoid not being a part of that eight percent of population. Here I have put up the list you can have a look:

  • Sleep on your Back: It’s the best position to go with. As sleeping on back would make everything easier for our head, neck and spine to arrange their positions in a straight line. No extra pressure would be added to back & your spine would stay in natural position all night long. Also, snoozing in savasana pose is known to be a boon for our spine and neck health too. But sometimes a supportsleeping_posture copyed spine doesn’t always imply to a good night’s sleep. If you are a person with the problem of sleep apnea then the doctors may prescribe you to go for side sleeping as a treatment for this condition. Avoid using too many pillows as it can make breathing a difficult task for you.
  • Starfish: The position is somewhere just good for your back but not very good for your overall health. Somehow it does prevent breaking of skin and wrinkles. Also sleeping on your back fights with acid reflux said by a neurologist in Norwood Clinic in Birmingham. The chances of digested stuff to come u
    p back gets reduced as when you lie on your back, the head gets elevated and the stomach easily able to sit below the esophagus. Keep in mind not to place your arms up as placing your hands up would add pressure on the nerves of the shoulders, which will lead to pain.
  • The Worst One-On your Stomach: Sleeping on your stomach would not support the natural curve of your spine, and
    will lead to over aching. It will also make you face some problem in breathing and circulation of blood & it will place strain on joints and muscles that can cause you pain, tingling and numbness. Sleeping on stomach can be beneficial for those who snore a lot as it will keep the upper airways more open. Overall, sleeping on stomach is not a good choice to go for.
  • Sleeping on Sides: Sleeping on either right hand side or left hand side can be beneficial for patients with sleep apnea, the one who has a problem of snoring, and for those who are pregnant. But sleeping on side can be cause unwanted skin aging and placing one side of your face on pillow can get you wrinkles and can make your breast sagging. Sleeping on the right hand side can worsen your heartburn. And sleeping on the left hand side, can reduce the problem of acid reflux, but can put some pressure on internal organs like stomach, lungs and the many others.

Above were the sleeping positions which can help you in spending a healthy life but still the choice is with you. If you looking for help related to spine surgery in India
, then you can have a look here. And
if you are recovering after your back surgery, then you might seek here for the best sleeping positions that can help you recover soon.


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